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Honey, I DON’T love you just the way you are….. ~Harris

Leslie Brown

My partner, (writing that is) “knocks it out of the park” yet again. He rocks our Facebook page, and sometimes it’s just so good I have to “steal” it, he he! Excellent analogy, Christopher Harris.

You can’t claim to TRULY LOVE someone or something, while also wanting to “Fundamentally Change” them or it.

My wife is a stunningly beautiful “Black Woman”, with chocolate brown skin, and full lips, hips & thighs, who wears her hair in it’s natural kinky state, and I love every inch of her.

Now imagine if, AFTER I MARRIED HER, I started telling her that I “love her”…but that I would “love her” even more, if she started bleaching her skin to make it lighter. And imagine if I said that I “love her”, and think that she is beautiful…but she would be so much more beautiful to me if she permed her hair and dyed it blond. And imagine if I said that she would really be that ideal woman if she got some blue contact lenses.

Yeah…THAT is the kind of “love” that the current President has for this country. He claimed to “love HER”, but what he really wanted is a European (Scandinavian) looking woman.

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting a blonde haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned woman. If that is what you like…then God bless ya. Knock yourself out!! There are plenty of women out there that fit that bill…AND YOU SHOULD GO AND GET WITH ONE OF THEM!!

But you are a 100% P.O.S., sorry excuse of a Man, if you tell a woman you “love her”…and then spend every waking moment trying to “Fundamentally Change” her. This principle holds true with women…and with nations.

~Christopher Harris

THIS, folks, is what I refer to as the “Law of Diminishing Returns”.



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