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Young, black, male: “I’m voting for Hillary” ~Markeece Young

Leslie Brown

I must be honest everyone, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. She has all the qualities I want in a leader.

A Proven Liar: She has been a part of three of the biggest scandals in modern American History. Benghazi, Watergate and Monica Lewinsky. She lied in all of them.

Proven foreign policy: Just look at the world today after Hillary/Obama foreign policy. The world is on fire in every single region, absolute chaos.

Economy: She said “Businesses don’t create jobs.”

Guns: She said we need to take guns away from people, and limit their availability. She is quoted calling people who support the Second Amendment “extremist minorities.”

Transparency: In her failed attempts to cover up the Benghazi, Monica Lewsinky, White Water and now illegally using private emails it’s obvious that she is very transparent.

Taking Responsibility: Instead of telling the truth, and owning up to her law breaking, she’s made many excuses, even using her dead mother as a political prop.

I’m ready for Hillary!


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