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Rootin’ for the “under-dog” of Israel.

Leslie Brown

Most sane and moral people like to “root” for the “underdog”. But liberals are neither moral nor sane.

Thankfully, as the saying goes, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

The 2014 population of Israel is estimated to be 2.3 million. The population of Israel’s enemies, is 317 million (2010).

So, basically, the liberals want to kick someone who is down, aaaand the Lord commands us to stand with Israel. I doubt it is likely He will change his mind anytime soon.

Oh, and remember Obama didn’t want to “influence” Israel’s upcoming election?

One of the top officials in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, Jeremy Bird, has been leading the campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s re-election in the Israeli parliamentary elections scheduled for March 17.

Bird’s group, which is known as V15, aims to topple Netanyahu’s Likud Party and install more left-leaning leadership in the Israeli Knesset and the prime minister’s office.

What’s more, Bird’s group has been getting most of its funding from a U.S.-U.K. organization called One Voice.

Given the closeness of Bird to Obama — he was the field director in 2012 — many observers have noted it would be unlikely that Bird would take such a position if the Obama administration weren’t directly interfering with the election in Israel.

Well, Netanyahu has proved yet again that the best revenge is living well — or, in his case, polling well.

In spite of increased Obama interference in the race, the latest polls indicate that Likud is poised to take 26 seats in the Knesset to the Zionist Union’s 23, up from a deadlock between the two parties in recent polls.

And while fears that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress would hurt his chances, it actually increased Likud’s popularity amongst Israeli voters (H/T Western Journalism).

Given the tendency of everything Barack Obama touches to turn to dust, I have a suggestion if the president wants Netanyahu to lose the March 17 election: stay out of it.

By interfering on behalf of Bibi’s electoral opposition, the only thing you’re doing is increasing the chances they’ll screw up. In fact, endorse Bibi. Send Jonathan Gruber over to work on his campaign. Maybe he can even cook up a “Bibicare” scheme.

However, by throwing his weight behind the leftist opposition, all Obama proved to Israel is that a man who scarcely cares about their country’s security wants Netanyahu to lose. That’s all most voters needed to see in order to support Likud.

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