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Cup of Kindness

Leslie Brown

Friendships mean so much to a kid; a peer to muddle through this big confusing world with. The thought of losing one; scary.

Eight-year-old Tristan Regini of Denver, Colorado is buddies with Cade Humphreys. Cade Humphreys was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013. Following the diagnosis came surgery, radiation and chemotherapy….and a lot of medical bills.

Tristan wanted to help, so he set up a “hot-chocolate” stand as a fund-raiser to thank, and help the hospital who saved his friend. Hot chocolate sells for $1.00 a cup, $2.00 with billowy marshmallows.

Most kids don’t think too much about medical bills, or bills of any kind. Their thoughts are usually on X-boxes and the like; that’s what sets this kid apart.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but I think about four thousand dollars in medicals bills of mine have been paid off by a mystery person. I’m afraid to check We sure didn’t ask for, or plan for the expense, but life happens.

Thank you Tristan for being the kind of kid who doesn’t just think of himself; we need a heckuva lot more like him.

“If there were no Children’s Hospital, there would be no Cade,” Tristan said. “He’s probably the nicest kid I ever met in my life.”

With his mission written on a bright yellow sign, Tristan drew flocks of customers wanting to support his cause. By the end of his first weekend, he had raised a total $402.05, which he and his mother brought to the hospital that Sunday evening.

This past weekend, Tristan was joined by Cade to reopen the stand.

“I thought that was so amazing,” Cade said about Tristan’s efforts. “He’s one of my best friends. He has spread the word. It was amazing. It makes me feel good.”

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