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O.U. Fraternity drops the “N-bomb”…

Leslie Brown

University of Oklahoma is in deep doo-doo for the sophomoric behavior of a fraternity on a bus; the “n-word” was uttered.

Now mind you, it’s A.O.K. if black people call themselves the “n word”. Where was the outrage when Al Sharpton talked about “crackers”? Oh yeah, it was an “endearment”.

If a white person says the “n-word” all hell breaks loose, and pants get bunched up everywhere. How about we maybe all quit being as thin-skinned as prepubescent girls and go on with our lives?!

From NDN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is under fire for a video showing party-bound fraternity members singing a racist chant. SAE’s national chapter suspended the students, but University of Oklahoma President David Boren took it a step further, saying the university’s affiliation with the fraternity is permanently done.

Here’s what young conservative Markeece Young had to say about it:

My words on the Oklahoma racist fraternity thing. Sure it was racist and disgusting, but it’s not not a scandal. People are using this one racist video to link it to the years of the civil rights marches. It’s not that serious, it’s 35 kids on a bus being very stupid. If it were a black fraternity saying crackers I would say they’re being idiots I wouldn’t cast down the whole country as more racist then the 1960’s come on! When a group of people do something wrong we must not cast down society as guilty because of an individual/groups behavior.

Here’s what the Executive Director of UA had to say, Mr. Christopher Harris:

As a proud American Black Man…I really couldn’t give two farts and a giggle about what a few bed wetting Frat boys have to say.
Listen, these are the type of little punks who still have Similac on their breath, because they just got off their momma’s boob a few years ago. They aren’t grown men. They are little cowards.
I can all but guarantee you that none of these little Frat boys would have the temerity to say such things if they weren’t first imbued with a little “liquid courage”. And they certainly wouldn’t be willing to say that in the face of the average American Black Man, if they didn’t also have several of their friends behind them.
But beyond that, if they want to toss around the “N-word”, seriously…SO WHAT!! I’ve heard much worse things in rap music. As long as they are not attempting to lay hands on me, or my family, and they are not attempting to destroy my property…they are not in violation of NATURAL LAW. They are guilty of being “stupid in public”, and that shouldn’t be a crime.
They can say whatever they want to say, because the words of these little punks don’t hurt me in the least bit, because I don’t lose sleep over what INFERIOR beings say.
BUT…if they start attempting to act like the Klan…then just like the goat humpers of ISIS, those little cretins would need to be wiped from the face of the planet. There is no room in an Unhyphenated America for those who don’t respect the Unalienable Right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of Happiness.


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