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Which one is the friend?

Leslie Brown

How much do we miss looking down at our ipad or in our own self-absorption? Here is a “social experiment which reveals perhaps, a somewhat unlikely hero.

A boy is dressed or somewhat UNder-dressed as a homeless child in ripped clothing, shivering on a New York city sidewalk. Literally HUNDREDS of people pass him by.

For two hours, no one ever even speaks to the child. The Samaritan who comes to young man’s aid is a homeless man who probably has less to offer than all who passed before him, yet he gives it.

He takes off his jacket, talks to the child and questions him to see how he can help. He then gives tender words of encouragement, money, and perhaps most touching, a hug.

After a few moments, the film crew approaches the two and lets the homeless man know that the child is really alright, and that the kindness he showed to the child has blown them away.

Hugs are exchanged all around. THIS is how America should be; united in love of G-d and country; not divided over something as superficial as melanin.

After the video was shot, the producers approached the homeless man and gave him at least $500 and some grateful hugs.

OckTV set up a fundraiser to help clothe the homeless people of New York who are dealing with freezing temperatures this winter. If you feel like contributing, it could make a positive difference in someone’s life.

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