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Leslie Brown

This week is likely one of the most decisive weeks in the history of our nation’s freedom. Are we going to turn the Internet into the DMV and VA, and stifle our free speech, or are we going to stand up?

EVERYTHING the government gets involved in gets MESSED up. For one reason, it is simply human nature to not spend someone else’s money as responsibly as your own. The other reason is that the person or agency who is the recipient of the money fleeced from the citizens can easily become drunk with their own power, and enticed towards self-aggrandizement.

In Detroit, a city DESTROYED by government (Democratic mayors since 1962), is doing something new.

They are cutting out the “middle-man” of government, and agencies and having community dinners with a suggested donation of five dollars. The money is later given to those who have beneficial, cogent, and implementable plans for the community. It is amazing what people can do when the government gets the h*ll out of the way! Fitness, theater, home-making and even nutrition programs have been started and are blossoming.

“The system’s messed up, so I removed the rigamarole,” Director Amy Kaherl said about the straightforward funding process, in contrast to the barriers to achieving nonprofit status and applying for traditional grants. Though there’s no oversight in how winners spend their funds, Kaherl told The Huffington Post all but a handful of project leaders have come back to later dinners, as expected, to talk about what they did with the money.

“I feel like people feel accountable to the community once they win,” Kaherl said. “They want to come back with their story.”

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