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Marie Harf….WRONG!

Leslie Brown

Sorry Marie. You were wrong. You don’t just have egg on your face, but a whole “Grand Slam” breakfast from Denny’s.

Earlier this week, Marie Harf, State Department Spokesman, “like totally” stated that jobs would be helpful to keep those ISIS scamps from being miscreants.

Turns out…wait for it….SHE WAS WRONG! The mastermind behind ISIS, had a totally “legit” job…that of a SCHOLAR!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; h*ll, you have to be a SCHOLAR just to spell the name, used to work in a University.

The head of the Islamic State used to be a dignified scholar — who served as a university administrator and college professor in Iraq — before becoming the leader of one of the most deadly terrorist organizations in the world, a Pentagon official tells The Post.

Declassified military files revealed this week showed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had worked as an administrative secretary before leading the Islamic State, but an interpreter had evidently botched the translation while interviewing him and accidentally listed the wrong occupation.

“He was more of an assistant dean,” said the official, who wished to not be named. “A front office administrator and professor at an undisclosed college in Iraq.”

I know y’all’s minds are pretty blown that Marie was wrong, but then again, maybe she’ll “walk it back” like Giuliani….


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