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Wrapping packages from G-d

Leslie Brown

Do we slow down because we grow old, or do we grow old because we slow down?

Carolyn Demers started her own business at 98 years old; christening gowns for babies.
She was inspired by the pregnancy of a great-granddaughter, and even gifted with a poem as a “mission statement” or sorts for her business.

Carolyn designs christening gowns after vintage ones passed down in her own family. The fabric is carefully chosen, and seamstress procured for the making the wrapping for these precious gifts from G-d.

Some religions baptize babies, others christen. Either way, the rite signifies that the child is dedicated back to the Lord from whence it came.

Carolyn prefers the terms “expecting” or “anticipating” to “pregnant”. I couldn’t agree more! Dogs are “pregnant”, women are “expecting”; expecting a miracle at that.

What a sad state of our society that we throw these precious gifts in the trash.

What a great role model Carolyn is, both in her inspiration of others in following a literal dream, and showing others the beauty of life.

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carolyn demers

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