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Maybe don’t mess with old ladies with Marines around….

Leslie Brown

Some people take stupid to a whole new level…like robbing a lady near a Marine recruitment center. Marie Harf, somehow, feels strangely better now.

Two thugs were attempting to rob a lady in Seattle, Washington. She did her best to thwart the attack and attract attention by yelling and honking her horn in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Three Marines, veterans of both Iraq and Afghanistan gave chase, despite one of the suspects having a gun. One of the Marines said, “I’ve been shot at before, it’s not as bad as people think, most people miss.”

One of the suspects got away, and the other was held by an “arm bar” until police arrived…the three were in their “dress blues” and didn’t want to muss them, by taking him down for a chat with the pavement.

Later the 18-year-old thug was taken to jail were his bail was set for $25,000 this afternoon.

All three Marines said they were just doing their duty:

“This is exactly what we’re about… we’re all about helping people and making a difference.”

We live in a day where most would rather look away, mind their own business and do nothing. Here’s what Martin Luther King Jr. had to say about that:


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