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Kindle Some Kindness

Leslie Brown

Not that I can AFFORD television, but even when I could, I didn’t have it. What got me interested in the degree I eventually chose, was doing research with a doctor on neurobiofeedback and A.D.D. Let’s just say television is not good. Reading is good.

A self-proclaimed successful man in Las Vegas walked by a homeless man daily on his way to work, and saw him reading the same book over and over; just to have something to read.

It pricked his heart to see this, and he admittedly wanted to purchase the latest version of Kindle, so he gave the homeless man his Kindle. I’ll let him tell you the rest. This is what makes America great:

I make really good money and I have been at the bottom. I try to help out the homeless whenever I can with non-monetary means.

When I was talking to him and found out that he really liked to read but was stuck with the same few books, I couldn’t just go on having it in my pack knowing someone could get so much enjoyment out of something that, to me, costs so little.

Also I really wanted an excuse to get the new Kindle Voyage anyway.

I will be bringing him a charger tomorrow. There are more than enough books on there to keep him busy for a while. Especially some of the more difficult reads like Faulkner and Joyce. I’m going to give him my address so he can ship it back to me (I’ll pay upon receipt) and I can add more books whenever he runs out. He’s reading the Game of Thrones series right now.

[I gave him] LOTS of American classics (Faulkner, Hemingway, etc. – everything by a lot of authors), everything by Cormac McCarthy (my favorite author), the Game of Thrones series, some more fantasy and sci-fi stuff – a ton really, there were a couple hundred books on there I think.

I’ve never seen someone so happy to receive something and it brings me so much joy to see him every day reading from it.

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