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Text out of Context

Leslie Brown

Geez, I had something really weird happen to me the other day. I ended up texting some random stranger, and telling them that I loved them, and had gotten prayers for them. The funny thing, is they THANKED me for it! Let me explain.

Thursday a week ago, I went in to town; for “provisions” as my cousin would say. One of my errands was to get my new refurbished phone activated that I had gotten in the mail. I had been perfectly content with my old phone.

For some reason, texting still worked, however not calling out or calling in. I took the phone to the Verizon store where they took it apart, cleaned it, and concluded that I could get a FREE refurbished replacement phone! Woo hoo! So anyway, one of the adorable managers there activated my new RED phone (of which the “touch-screen” is still driving me bonkers) and they transferred all of my contacts.

That day, I texted who I THOUGHT was my daughter by simply touching her name in my contacts. It never occurred to me that this WASN’T my daughter because the dang manager transferred my contacts! This is how the conversation went verbatim:

Me: “Got prayers for you today! Got my free replacement phone yesterday that I’m too dumb to use ha ha! I LOVE YOU”

Random Stranger: “Who is this?”
*STOP* Now this is the point where my husband would say that I am the “smartest dumb arse” he knows because sometimes I am really DING-Y! I get that from my mom. Sorry Mom.

Me: Mom

Random Stranger: ??? (I’m thinking with the new phone, that maybe my name is not showing up in my contacts or something weird like that because I didn’t put my daughter’s phone number in, I pushed HER NAME in my contacts.

Me: Its me maybe the new phone makes it show up diff

Random Stranger: Why do you have a Dallas area code?

Me: Same phone number ive always had

Random Stranger: What’s my name? (By this point, I’m like DUH…she’s really messin’ with me!)

Me: (Insert daughter’s name)

Random Stranger: Haha, you have the wrong number….but thanks for the nice message anyway!

Me: Got this phone as a replacement yesterday from Verizon. They transferred my contacts at the store. my phone says im calling my youngest daughter lol! oh well i apologize! (*shameless pandering*) go to my hilarious website while youre at it! sorry again

Random Stranger: Haha, and I like your website!

Me: There are no accidents! this is leslie brown btw! Thx for you understanding! Not intentional!

O.K. so that’s the story! Pretty funny huh? That’s an example of a text out of context. “A text without a context is a PRETEXT”. In other words we can “cherry-pick” Scriptures to suit our agenda (in a Benghazi I.R.B. report sorta’ way). That is why need to look at the text IN its context!

For example, one could take the scripture Matthew 27:5 “Then he threw down the thirty pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself.” and combine it with the end of Luke 10:37 “Go and do likewise.” Hmmmmm….

If you haven’t read the Bible cover to cover, you are likely taking things out of context. How can we proclaim to be followers of Christ and “love” God’s Word when we haven’t bothered to read it? If someone wrote you a love letter, would you read a sentence two, and then put it down? Of course not! It took me longer than it should have to read through the entire Bible, and I had to put myself on library book “restriction” to do it, but I did it, and I’m doing it again. Having no stupid T.V. helps too.



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