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“Sassy Sal”

Leslie Brown

Vernacular. Perplexing sometimes. In high school I hung out with a girl from Pennsylvania, who had never heard the word “snoopy” for “nosy”. I was dumbfounded.

Family vernacular can be even stranger. If you are a kid in my family, and you are a “sassy sal”, you likely need a “bottom bustin’ and go to bed”.

“Sassy” (probably soon to be banned like the word “bossy”) can mean “gutsy” and “tell it like it is” too.

Well, the girl in this story; I like. It’s me a blonde wig, because given the situation, it’s me. She is muuuuucch braver than I am I cause she’s in AUSTIN, Texas. I live in a “po-dunk” area.

This woman has passion, and strength, and we need a helluva a lot more like her.

On January 29, a female protester at a Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) event in Texas grabbed the mic and screamed, “Islam will never dominate the United States.”

The incident took place in Austin, Texas, during the 11th Texas Muslim Capitol Day.

In a video posted by The Texas Tribune, the woman can be seen grabbing the mic and denouncing the “false prophet Muhammed.” And even as Muslim organizers by the podium asked for help in silencing her, the woman continued: “Islam will never dominate the United States. And by the grace of God, it will not dominate Texas.”

Photo: Texas Tribune/YouTube

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