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A little bit of America in Poland

Leslie Brown

All gave some and some gave all. One gave his life, which resulted in a new life; a namesake in Poland.

Sergeant Michael Ollis shielded several soldiers from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan as the Taliban burst into their compound. One of the soldiers saved was Pole, Lieutenant Karol Cierpica.

Cierpica’s son born later was named in his honor. The parents of Michael have been given two posthumous awards from the Polish government in honor of their, son and have come to think of baby Michael as a “grandson”.

The 24 year-old from Staten Island, who served in the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light) stepped in front of a suicide bomber so as to shield Polish colleagues as the Ghazni base in eastern Afghanistan came under attack on 28 August this year.

The Gold Polish Army Medal, which was received by the dead soldier’s father and mother, Robert and Linda Ollis, at the Polish consulate in New York, is awarded by Poland for acts of bravery by foreign civilians and military.

“I did not realize that such a brotherhood exists between our two nations and soldiers. I’m impressed, I’m honored,” Linda Ollis said during the award ceremony attended by members of the US Congress and army personnel.,Polish-soldier-names-son-after-US-saviour,US-soldier-posthumously-awarded-for-saving-Polish-troops-in-Afghanistan

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