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Soggy Crackers

Leslie Brown

I had a really bizarre/scary thing happen to me this week. I got the following message from Facebook:
“We Removed Something You Posted. We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards”.

What inappropriate, vile, FILTH did I post? Well it was a video from America’s Funniest Home videos with an assembled montage of fat, white people, tipping over in canoes getting “tumped” in the water, one after another.

That wasn’t what got me “in trouble”…it was what I TITLED the post…”Soggy Crackers LOL!”. Seriously. Can we not be thicker-skinned than pre-pubescent girls?

Now mind you, I just rechecked my Facebook friends to make sure it was still there, and one of my friend’s profile pictures says, “Niggahs” on it; I kid you not.

Sooo, I think I’m detecting a DOUBLE STANDARD! I actually saved the message as a document and I just might have to go all ACLU or ACLJ on Facebook.

This brings me to cutie Ben Shapiro and a video he recently made called “The First Amendment is Dead”. Here is an excerpt from the accompanying article:

About the only part of the First Amendment left standing is our freedom to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. But fortunately, thanks to our surrender of all our other First Amendment rights, the government always has an easy answer: no.

But at least we’re sensitive. If we all say just the things the government allows us to say, and practice religion in just the way the government wants us to practice, and report just what the government wants us to report, we’ll be fine.

(And remember, P.C. stands for “Preparation for Caliphate”)

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