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America: Land of brazen “hussies”

Leslie Brown

Wow! I’m a “hussy”! Who knew? Why? Because my face is nekkid. Oh yes, I have on my usual VATS of eye-liner but my face is not covered! Apparently the nekkid face of a woman or goat is too much temptation for Muslim Abdul or Achmed; my bad?

I’m gonna post ten FUN FACTS (well, really not that fun) about WOMEN from the Quran.

1. Women are crooked (Bukhari 7:62:113 and Bukhari 4:55:548, Muslim 8:3466)
2. Women Lack Gratitude (Bukhari 1:2:28)
3. Women are like Devils (Muslim 8:3240)
4. Woman are an Evil Omen (Bukhari 4:52:110)
5. Most Women are Destined for Hell (Bukhari 1:6:301 and Muslim 36.6600:1, Muslim 36:6596 – 6599, Bukhari 7:62:124, Bukhari 1:2:29
6. Women are stupid (Bukhari 3:48:826 and Bukhari 1:6:301, Al-Tabari, Vol. 1, p. 280, Bukhari 2:24:541)
7. Women are weak (Bukhari 8:73:230 and Bukhari 8:73:228, Bukhari 8:73:229)
8. Women Must Immediately Fulfill their Husbands Desires (Quran 2:223)
9. Women Must be Obedient to their Husbands to Enter Heaven (Ibn Majah 3:9:1854 and Muslim Scholar Al-Suyuti commenting on Qur’an 4:34)
10. Women must cover their faces (Bukhari 5:59:462 and Bukhari 6:60:282)

I’m sure now that all of this information is “out there” that liberal and feminist women everywhere will start protesting to combat all of this oppression.

Quran text shared from Britain First

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