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Amazing American: C.J. Pearson

Leslie Brown

Especially nowadays, it’s exciting to find a promising, young “whippersnapper”! C.J. Pearson is amazingly engaged in the political process, and he’s only twelve.

In the 60’s, the “counter culture” included the nasty hippie movement, feminists, “if it feels good, do it”, and rampant judicial activism. Pleeeaase “Let it be”, that the pendulum is swinging back!

The child of Democrats, C.J. is like “Alex” from “Family Ties”, only a “bro”! C.J. is the president of the student body at his middle school, and is also the executive director of Young Georgians in Government.

I’m a Republican, with strong Libertarian leanings,” he said. “I believe that our party, the Republican Party, has taken the biggest steps toward protecting those rights that our Founding Fathers have given us, and protected us with a less intrusive, involved government than the Democratic Party.”

C.J., whose family moved from Augusta to Columbia County two years ago, said his parents support his work despite differing with his views.

“My parents, they’re Democrats,” he said. “While we disagree politically, they’re very supportive of young people, of all people getting involved in the process … It doesn’t really matter which party you get involved in, as long as you get involved, and they’re very supportive of that.”

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