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Officer Down

Leslie Brown

You know you have succeeded in raising a kind, and caring kid to know they stop at the scene of an accident to help. You would see your kid do this first-hand if you happened to be the one in the accident.

A Gulf Breeze, Florida teen was on her way home from the mall when she saw an injured man in the median, with a crowd gathering to help.

She pulled over to see if she could help, and she was stunned to find her own father, officer Sgt. Kerstan Tatro was the victim.

Tatro was conducting a routine traffic stop that turned out to be anything but routine. The woman he had pulled over appeared intoxicated.

When the officer told her that she would have to perform a field-sobriety test, and attempted to take her keys, she took off. Tatro’s arm was in her car at that point, and he was dragged, injured, and suffered a compound fracture of an arm.

When she realizes that the officer is her father she begins crying, “Dad, are you okay?”

“Oh my god,” she continued crying. “That’s my dad!” The others in the crowd try to comfort her.

Tatro is married with five children. He is recovering from a compound fracture in his right arm.

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