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“Joe” Mama

Leslie Brown

Our parents change our diapers, wipe our snot, and someone I know had to dig “neck-nuggets” of curdled milk out of baby-fat, neck rolls…ewww.

Our parents give and do so much for us, then, there may come a time where we must become the “giver” and the “doer” and the “lifter of their heads”.

Alzheimer’s sometimes strikes even people as young as in their 40’s in some instances. Fortunately it held off for longer in Joe Fraley’s mother, but now he is the encourager. He is the one does what is not easy, even when his heart is breaking; but it makes his mother happy. He plays the guitar for her, and for that moment in time, everything is O.K. for a while, and they are together and happy.

When his mother started losing her memory, Joe Fraley of Duarte, California discovered that music really does heal almost everything. Fraley, 33, who has been making music for over a decade, recently shared this sweet video of the magical moment he started playing a new song for his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

At first, his mother appears bewildered, asking a stream of questions. But as soon as he starts strumming his guitar, she lights up, even singing along to the lyrics at one point.

“I posted it basically just to have it, privately at first,” Fraley said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “I didn’t really have any plans on really sharing it, but I felt compelled to when she no longer had those reactions that I found so beautiful.”

His mother, Judy, 70, was recently moved to an assisted living facility after being diagnosed with the memory-robbing disease about two years ago. Fraley says she no longer is able to recognize him when he visits her, but has always been his biggest supporter when it comes to his music.

“She would always love my songs and hearing them … when she got Alzheimer’s, I would play to her not just for the sake of playing to her but it was therapeutic — because I felt it would relieve her pain,” Fraley says. He says he sometimes takes his guitar with him when he visits her, playing for the other residents as well.

Make sure you grab the tissues before you watch.

Shared from Huffington Post

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