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Wish for Others, Granted

Leslie Brown

Teaching is tough. I taught public school for four years, so I really appreciate teachers. Teachers are not at liberty to even “pee”…or worse, when they need to.

This Boston teacher’s “wish for others” was that all of her students could leave for Christmas break with a book in their hands. Her winning essay not only gave her students that wish, but Nikki Bollerman also won $150,000.

It is what she did with the money that is so outstanding; she gave it all back to the school. Nikki teaches at a charter school, and she wanted the funds to go towards improving technology at the school.

Bollerman said she has been working with school administration to make sure the gift will “improve the lives of the students,” including better computer access and coding lessons for the children, though the school has not made any commitments yet.

Not only did all of her third graders get a book to read over Christmas break, she and her mother gathered the funds so that third graders not in her class could have a book as well.

What if we all practiced that “Golden Rule” thingie and put others first? We could change the world, one relationship at a time.



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