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From pooches with love!

Leslie Brown

Christopher and I love us some pooches. Geez, if we’re not posting something about G-d and country, it’s likely about pooches.

Dogs don’t hyphenate or discriminate, and they can be so dang funny! Thankfully my husband and I found the owner of a husky we had been keeping since Friday a week ago. This was good, because our dog was all b*tthurt about having her around. My husband and I are “two outta three” for finding lost dog owners..the “one outta three” we kept.

Close to a million strangers have posted pictures of their pooches on a Facebook page set up for a Phoenix area teenager named Anthony Lyons, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. He doesn’t get to see dogs “in person” everyday, so the page “fills the void”.

The event “Photo Doggies for Anthony” is an invitation for Facebook users to post photos of their dogs along with a message for a 16 year-old undergoing chemotherapy treatments. As of January 9, the event page has 1.5 million users sharing photos.

Anthony is undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Some days, he gets dog visits at the hospital, but some days he doesn’t. So a family friend created the page to to help make him smile.

big pooch


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