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That’s what SHE said…by Tara Carr

Leslie Brown

I’m going to preface this with “that’s what she said” because I’M gonna play the RACE card, only in REVERSE! I read an awesome piece today by a beautiful, young black woman, and libs will probably give HER a pass..ME, not so much.

8 Things women just don’t do anymore (that they should!)

There was a time when a woman’s greatest duty and achievement was taking care of her man. The women of the 2003 movie Mona Lisa Smile were a great example of what women were essentially bred to do. They went to college, but they didn’t really plan on using their degrees (or even graduating in some cases). The plan was to get married as soon as possible and put those Home Ec skills to good use!

But today’s breed of women is certainly a different one. Many historical events have lead to the evolution of the female role and Suzy Homemaker is now Ms. Independent. But just because certain “old-fashioned” ways have been phased out, doesn’t mean they should be completely retired. You can still have your career and your own mind and what not, but maybe there are a few things that women just don’t do anymore, that they should!


Some women these days don’t cook! Back in the day, every woman had to take home economics. It was mandatory. It pretty much taught you how to be a wife. You learned how to cook, clean, sew, polish silver, host a dinner party, and help your man get a promotion! Nowadays, women only know how to cook if someone took the time to teach them how to cook. But if you’re 20-something (or older) and still don’t know how to cook, you better get started on some Pinterest meals! Start with the easy stuff and work your way up. You at least need to know how to make two or three meals for your man that he will love.


Some people are slobs and some are neat freaks and some are somewhere in between. But a lot of women don’t really know how to “keep house”. A lot of people nowadays didn’t even have chores growing up. But even the ones who did have chores growing up feel like they’re “grown” now and don’t have to do that anymore. Well you do! And while your husband/boyfriend should be able to pick up after himself, as the woman of the house, you should be able to maintain a clean house.

To read more of this “blasphemy” to FEMINISTS….click below!

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