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Sending the very best!

Leslie Brown

I’m such a “tight-wad”, the prices on greeting cards kill me, so you are more likely to receive a homemade card from me! I’ll spare you any glued-on macaroni though.

If you think about things logically, instead of like a prepubescent girl, police officers stand for “law and order”; therefore, those who are AGAINST the cops are for anarchy and disorder. Am I “way out there” to state this? Seriously.

The Truth Urban Theatre Group in New York has a campaign to promote positive interactions between civilians and officers by walking around the Big Apple, giving out cards, and showing the cops some rare appreciation.

The cards are made by local students, which gives them an early start in acknowledging local authority as well. Thank you all, who are involved in this noble cause.

Let us honor the memory of Officers Liu and Ramos by shining light on a group whose mission is ‘to inspire change and instill a positive influence in the lives of youth and adults through the art of theater and spoken word, so that they may achieve their highest potential in all aspects of life’ – The Truth Urban Theater Group.

Shared from my buddy Wayne Dupree.

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