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An Experimental HUG

Leslie Brown

We try to focus on American stories on this site, but the video below has wisdom that crosses nationalities, genders, and ethnicities.

Think about your worst enemy. Your jaw probably tenses up, your heart may race, and you probably instinctively, tense-up. That $500 fine for an open-hand slap looks pretty tasty…

Now think of your BFF. Think of being in their home, sitting on their couch, likely “rooting” in their fridge, and knowing you are safe and loved.

Two different people elicit two different responses. When people are racist they are unconsciously “pulling up” the response for an enemy. Do we “kid around” and have fun with our enemies? Do we joke with them? This is no fun at all.

Be the change you want! The enemy would rather nothing than to divide us! How superficial is that? Racism says ALL people that are a certain color think a certain way. That’s flippin’ retarded! What are racists all “mind readers”?

Use your “big-boy” and “big-girl” eyes and look at the heart! Aren’t the concepts of
G-d and country a wee bit more “weighty” and “substantial” than say, the amount of molecules one has in the surface of their skin?

Christopher Harris (my writing partner) is black and lives in the D.C. area. I am white and live in a white-trash town in West Texas. We’re both military kids, and love G-d and country. We have more in common than my sibling and I do! Because we are friends, we can kid around and have fun. We know what matters and we took off our blindfolds a long time ago.


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