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Shirley Kindness

Leslie Brown

I am blessed to have a car. Her name is “Zippy”. She is red, and I bought her to go with my SMU sticker, not the other way around. “Zippy” has some serious “cellulite” due to a monster storm while my car was at the airport.

But, I still love my “Zipster” and she has been a very reliable car and I don’t take her for granted. I have taken public transit to work and school before, and it is NOT fun.

Breugger’s Bagel employee Shirley Ratliff had to take three different buses to get to her job in Raleigh, North Carolina each day. She has worked there since 2006, and has quite a following of devoted customers due to her awesome attitude.

Shirley had been diligently saving money to purchase a car, then cancer came along, and “boom” her money went towards treatment. “The Shirley Fan Club” pooled their money and bought Ms. Shirley a vehicle aaaand tax, title and license. What a wonderful giving group of people who no doubt gave Shirley the most touching Christmas gift she has ever received.

“It means the world to me. I love these people,” she told ABC 11 News. “I just didn’t know they would go to this extreme to do something like this.”

The 47-year-old has worked at the bagel shop since 2006, attracting many devoted patrons thanks to her positive attitude, according to WNCN. When one customer, David Burton, asked fellow patrons to contribute to the cost of a car, many were more than willing to pitch in.

“When I asked [people] to contribute, they didn’t even blink. As a matter of fact, they said, ‘How much do you want?’ And they said they would give $100, $200,” Burton told “That just goes to show you that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

In just two days, Burton had collected enough money to cover a used 1992 Buick LeSabre along with tax and car insurance, according to The Fresno Bee. And though Ratliff doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, she says she does know how to drive and now that she has a new ride, she plans to get a license soon, ABC 11 reported.

“She’s Shirley,” Craig Boyd a customer of Ratliff’s told The Fresno Bee. “She takes care of us and always has a smile.”

WNCN: News, Weather, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville

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