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2015: Let’s UNDO This

Leslie Brown

Can we agree that P.C. doesn’t stand for “Politically Correct” but rather “Preparation for Caliphate”? O.K., now that, that’s outta the way…

How bout we TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK? How bout we seek truth, and call out liars? How bout we call the “War on Poverty” what it is…the rewarding of promiscuity and sloth.

How bout we return to our schools, local control, rather than nationalized indoc-er um, education. How bout we send all of the people who are not here legally the H*LL home?

How bout we get rid of all of the RINOS cause pretty much, Republicans are just “Socialism-lite” these days.

How bout we never, ever, vote for another BUSH? How about we put the Bible and Ten Commandments BACK in our government and schools, and if you don’t like it then p*ss off. To run our society without the parameters of Judeo-Christian values is to pour cake batter straight into the oven without a pan. How’s that workin’ out for us?

How bout we all “grow some” and become “Rich Weinsteins” and find a “Gruber” to “dog”, and make their life a living h*ll until they “man-up”, and are ousted? How bout we turn off the insipid zombie, and “Housewife” shows and do some research on our political candidates, instead of saying, “meh, whatevs”?

How bout we call Islam out for what it is…a cult that celebrates death and oppression. How bout we support our policemen who risk their lives everyday for the law abiding citizens?

How bout we call out the professional “pot-stirrers” out for what they are, and have no employable job skills other than stirring up passions and hate?

How bout we read the Word of G-d cover to cover before we proclaim to love His word, and read things in CONTEXT rather than excise portions to wield as weapons?

How bout we face the facts that men and women are different *Newsflash” and maybe if wives would “feed their men steak, they wouldn’t go out for hamburgers” so to speak. How bout we call feminists out for what they are…”rebellion in a pink v-word costume”?

How bout we support and protect Israel like the BIBLE tells us to?

How else can I p*ss you off today? Happy New Years! Let the liberal “tolerance” begin!

stalin dowfall US

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