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Some history for HULSEY!

Leslie Brown

Now we love us some good clean fun around here, but revision of history….not so much. Apparently Brett Hulsey is one confused Democrat…wait, that was redundant.

Democrat Brett Hulsey thinks himself a great practical joker by bringing KKK hoods to a Republican Convention. Hmmm, should we break it to him and tell him the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln?

Should we tell him it was the Republicans who had the first black female Secretary of State in Condoleeza Rice?

Should we tell him that it is Republicans that are against abortion which disproportionately affects minorities?

Should we tell him that the first black congresswoman from Utah is a Republican?

Should we tell him that it was L.B.J. who said, “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”?

Should we tell him that 100% of Republicans voted for the Thirteenth Amendment which abolished slavery, while 23% of Democrats did?

Should we tell him that 94% of Republicans voted for the Fourteenth Amendment which freed the slaves while 0% of Democrats did?

Should we tell him that 100% of the Republicans voted for the Fifteenth Amendment which gave all the right to vote, while 0% of the Democrats did?

Here’s some “mo” history Brett:

In Georgia, Klansman Clifford Walker was elected Democratic Governor of Georgia, while in Mississippi Democrat Theodore G. Bilbo served two terms as governor.

A few years later, in West Virginia, a young man named Robert Byrd started recruiting new members for the Klan and eventually rose through the ranks to become a Kleagle and then an Exalted Cyclops.

In 1959, he was elected to the Senate as a Democrat, and in 1964 led a 57-day filibuster of the Civil Rights Act, which was eventually broken by Republican Everrett Dirksen.

Byrd went on to serve in the Senate for 45 more years, until his death in 2010, when he was lovingly eulogized by Democrats across the country.

Thank you reader Ken Harris for “hipping” us to this piece on another confused Democrat he he!

Sanger KKK

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