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Adapt, and make-OVER-come!

Leslie Brown

We don’t have television, but if we did, I would rot my brain on the “Discovery” channel watching alligator and feral hog shows, “Deadliest Catch”, “Dirtiest Jobs” and crime shows.

There is ONE “girly” show I like and that is “What Not to Wear”. I think Stacy and Clinton are a scream, and the neat thing about their show, is that through the make-overs they give, the person who is “made-over” transforms mentally as well, always feeling better about themselves in the process. I find that very gratifying. Well, this story is even better!

Thomas was a “new arrival” to the world of homelessness. He had been caring for his elderly parents, and when they passed away, he could no longer afford the condo of theirs in which he had been living.

Previously Thomas was given $100 dollars. What he did with it was to immediately buy food for other homeless people; this was all “caught on tape”. His character shown for others inspired a fund-raising site to be raised for him, and he received some tender, loving care in the form of a “make-over”, and much more.

This will make you day! What if everyone did kind things for others, instead of mean and hateful things?

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