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Guess what? Liars lie!

Leslie Brown

I remember when I was a kid, liars were to be avoided. They were also the exception; now they are the rule.

As we come to the close of 2014, I hope we leave the year a little wiser. I hope we have realized that truth matters, and that G-d gave us the Ten Commandments to us for our benefit, not to “spoil our fun”.

We cloak lying in soft disguises to make it more palatable. Examples: “white lie”, “half-truth”, “disinformation” or the ever-popular (when caught), “I don’t recall.”

We shouldn’t be surprised. If I said the term “PUPPY IN A BLENDER” you would likely cringe. Were I to say the term “choice” or “abortion”…not so much.

Let’s look at some of the lies we were “hipped to” this year. At risk of sounding like a “smarty pants”, this NON Economics major intuitively KNEW Obamacare would raise prices..hellooooo!

2014: The Year in Lies

Lena Dunham was not raped; she did however molest her little sister.

“Not a smidgen of corruption”.

The UVA rape case…a lie.

Obamacare costs were a carefully constructed lie from the “get go”.

Susan Rice lied. Hillary Clinton lied…and even paid for commercials to spread the lie.

Even Obama’s staunchest supporters must concede that he was lying either then or now regarding having been born in Kenya.

When Andrew Breitbart was living, I happened upon his book, Righteous Indignation. It was an excellent book. The main tenet being that you and I have the power with cell phone cameras, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to shine light on the “roaches”, that the mainstream media will not.

Liars, and roaches both hate light. Here’s some “love” I got from a liar on my piece, “Truth = Light”….ahh, irony, sweet delicious irony.

I hope someday you realize the loss of credibility for your site when you use such terms as “frickin” and “flippin” and “happily hunch”,etc, and then TRY to squeeze in God and scripture to add some ‘type’ of spirituality. One does not redeem the other and a creative writer should not need to stoop to cloaked profanity to make a point. It’s seems there is so much hatefulness on a site that speaks of unity – so much good could be done with a little more class.  “Charis” AKA  Anita Prevett Smith, Watermark “Church”…after all, nothing says “transparency” like a pseudonym.

The truth is poison to liberalism, so no wonder liberals hate the idea of a free press – after all, they are the ones who argued to the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case that the government has the right to ban books. Conservative magazines like National Review long fought the fight alone. But it is only recently that we saw the rise of a truly free press as technology put a camera in everyone’s cellphone and conservative new media (including social media) created a path around the gates that the liberal mainstream media kept.

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