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Door Man

Leslie Brown

Most men have been berated by a chip-on-their-shoulder feminist for holding a door open for them, so many times “you’re on your own” or “yoyo” opening doors. It’s kind of a lost act of kindness.

Josh lost his father as adolescent. Unbelievably cruel bullies at his previous school ripped pictures he had of his father, from his locker, and mocked his grief.

Josh’s mother, at a loss for what to do, thought that the anonymity of a larger city high-school might afford Josh someplace to hide from his past and become someone “new”.

At the new high-school, Josh adopted a somewhat strange practice among high-schoolers; he began holding doors. It’s a small act, a humbling act. In a brief encounter, it says, I value you, and your time, above myself. Kids started to notice.

You see, we will forget the words spoken to us by someone, but long after the interaction, we will remember how the person made us feel. Are you tearing down or building up? The “building up” can be as simple as a door held open, that moment where the opener of the door says “you matter.”

Josh is now a public speaker sharing a message with young people. Being an introvert and “shy” are two different things, so he now opens doors in minds to embrace ideas and maybe even a door handle too, to stop the universe for just a moment and say, “you are important.”

Story shared from Godvine.

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