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Protect, serve, and give.

Leslie Brown

I was grateful I got off with just a “warning” the last time I got “pulled over”. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I got to listening to the radio, and going a little to fast down a hill.

Well, some folks in Kansas City, Missouri recently received something better than a warning from a police officer; they received the gift of a one hundred dollar bill.

A wealthy, benevolent donor passed out crisp one hundred dollar bills to the Kansas City police department and they were “tasked” with pulling people over for no apparent reason, or maybe for the reason that they looked “not too well off”.

The majority of police, are good people, just doing their job. The media, Jesse and Al would like you to believe otherwise since they are professional “pot-stirrers”. Is not division always from Satan, and unity always of God?

Watch the video. I see a lot of “unity” in the form of hugs, squeals of delight, tears of joy and even some shrieking in some poor officer’s ear (which I’m sure he didn’t mind!).

Are you doing for others what you would have them do for you, or are you doing to others, and just hoping you don’t get caught?

ua satan

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