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From dishwasher, to dishing it out..

Leslie Brown

Man, oh man. I told y’all I hate traveling. I feel like a “caged animal” in a hotel or motel room…not to mention, you don’t know whose hands have been on the remote*, and WHERE those hands have been..AMIRITE?

Imagine little kids living with an entire family, in the cramped conditions of a motel. These motels are not like the “Hampton Inn” either, where you can stuff yourself silly the next morning for breakfast, either.

Bruno Serato came to the U.S. thirty years ago with 200 dollars to his name. He worked himself up from being a dishwasher, to a restaurant owner and chef. Aware of the conditions in which some struggling families live, and the children are unwitting participants, Bruno got busy.

Caterina’s Club feeds 1,200 kids daily, who are need. Another focus of the organization is getting families out of motels and into homes.

As satisfying as Serato’s actions are, he felt like it just wasn’t enough. He knew where many of these children were returning to each evening, and the thought broke his heart. They were living in old motels that were surrounded by prostitution, drugs and sexual predators. In these tiny motel rooms many large families were forced to share a single bed. There was no money for toys, and no place to play. Even though an estimated 75% of the men and women who were living in these motels held full-time jobs, they weren’t able to save enough for moving expenses and many suffered from poor credit issues. There futures’ looked grim.

Knowing he had to do something, Bruno Serato initiated the Welcome Home Program. Although he is not a rich man by any means, and even had to take out a second mortgage during the recession in order to keep feeding the children, with the help of donations, Serato’s program has been able to assist 65 families with relocating into their own homes.

This year, Desmond, Ashley and their four children will be family number 66. Having lived in a cramped, run-down motel room for 1 ½ years where the family shared a single bed and small couch, the news couldn’t have come at a better time; just weeks before Christmas. Although their expenses will likely be comparable to what they have been paying, thanks to the Welcome Home Program the children will now have beds of their own, a place to learn and play, and maybe even room for a few Christmas gifts. Their most treasured gift of all, however, is to have a stable home as they experience their own miracle just in time for Christmas.(1)

*Put it in the shower-cap. Problem solved.

Shared from Huffington Post. Getty image below.


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