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Alright already, with SUPERFICIALITY!!!

Leslie Brown

Must every situation in the media be qualified these days by the amount of melanin in each of the key participants? Seriously? What are we, 4th graders playing “Cooties”?

I would be insulted if anyone were to ever categorize me as a racist. My degree is in Neuroscience, and in all of my schooling, not ONE time have I heard that molecules in the SKIN affect the BRAIN! Grow up, some of y’all!

Sooo, yet again to combat the “divide and conquer” narrative, conducive to the careers of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, we feature a story about KIND WHITE COPS who did more for these BLACK kids than their own mother, did because in her mental illness she tried to kill them.

Granted, mental illness is real, but do we hear “two peeps” about the countless black on black crimes in the media or the black on WHITE crimes….nahhh doesn’t fit the narrative allowing some to be hating on the white MAN.

How about our nation collectively quits acting like a slumber party of junior high girls that has decided to “clique” off into opposing sides to inject some drama into the situation?

Earlier this week, 38-year old Brenda Begay was arrested for trying to kill her two children, a girl age 12 and a 13-year old boy. The girl awoke from a deep sleep to her mother stabbing her. After that attack, the mother went into her son’s room and stabbed him. Begay has had a history of child abuse and the children suffered wounds to their chest and wrists in this attack.

Begay said she believed it was time for her children to go to heaven, so she decided to kill them. She is believed to be mentally disturbed and friends think she failed to take her medicine consistently. Thankfully, the kids survived this attack, but the Phoenix police officers who responded to the scene were both deeply disturbed and deeply touched by their experience.

With this attempted murder of her children happening just weeks before Christmas, the officers, knowing the children had no family to care for or visit them and would as a result become wards of the state, wanted to make sure the kids felt that people care for them and that they deserved a Christmas.

So, the officers showed up at the hospital to be reunited with the children and had with them presents for the children for Christmas. They posted a picture of the reunion of the officers with the children along with the following message that read, “To say the officers who responded to the home, to that horror, were profoundly affected by the plight of these children would be a huge understatement.”

The children are reportedly smiling now and in good spirits. The officers who rescued them from that home and saved their lives should be commended. What they did afterwards goes above and beyond the call of duty.

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