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Leslie Brown

It’s really funny the things we find out we have in common with others; people from totally different cultures, and locales…but they are there.

The other writer Christopher Harris, and I live in different ends of the country. He is black and lives in the D.C. area, I am white and live in a “white-trash” town in Texas. What we have in common is love of G-d, His statutes, our country, are both military brats… and we both also love us some potty humor he he!

The group of people in this story, found that they had something really silly, and fun in common..Noah’s Ark vests! The vests were lovingly made by their grandmothers in all earnestness.

Aww, sweet wonderful grandmothers; cough drops in their “pocket-books” along with crumpled Kleenex, and perhaps a checkbook with a crusty, old rubber-band around it.

One picture posted on the internet with a person in their festive vest led to, “Hey I have that same vest!” and so on! If we could look for the “common” we have with people instead as being as superficial as junior high girls, we could all maybe have a lot of fun together…..I’m just sayin’

When I started writing this post, there were just three guys. Since then, more and more people (literally, one more and then another one) discovered that they had received the same immaculately terrible Noah’s Ark-themed vest from their grandmother. Either there’s a granny out there with a bunch of secret families who didn’t realize the Internet would be the undoing of her web of lies, or this is the future of bad grandma gifting. It started with this dude, who wrote, “My 90-year old grandma mailed a homemade vest for me to “wear to parties”. It’s…amazing.” He wasn’t wrong.

Story and pictures shared from Happy Place

Ladies, ladies; calm down, I know it’s a total BABE MAGNET!
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