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Socialism: So good it’s MANDATORY!

Leslie Brown

In a world of lies, cover-up, and obfuscation, we need to look maybe not to our leaders, but at our leaders.

When Matthew Drudge, pioneer of the “New Media” broke the story on “horn-dog” Clinton, we were given a look into the seamier side of our leadership. Watergate was but a third-rate burglary; it was the cover-up that sunk Nixon. The “moral bar” is ever lowered.

Aside from the depravity of the President of the United States having oral sex in the OUR White House, it was made but worse with the statement “It depends what the meaning of “is” is”. Pitiful.

Now fast forward to a presidency FRAUGHT with impeachable offenses with no one having the “naughty bits” to do anything about it.

I thought I would pull together some examples of the people who have been “strong-armed” by this administration, in an effort to turn back the same very same phrase spoken by our President on our President.

“The only ones who don’t want to disclose the truth, are those people with something to hide.”~Barrack Hussein Obama

Sharyl Attkisson, long-time CBS reporter was pressured by her boss with White House ties, to “ix-nay” her probe into Fast and Furious. Why how DARE a reporter dig for the truth…the NERVE!(1)

James Rosen, Fox News reporter, had personal emails hijacked by the Department of “Justice” under a “trumped up” ruse involving “espionage”. Shhyeah! (2)

Benghazi witnesses have been threatened, forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, suffered in their careers, and some, have even had family members threatened. (3)(4)

This is just a snippet of a “treasure-trove” of information available to peruse. The problem is, that most people choose to look the other way, but, hey! Dancing With the Stars is on!

Like the Stanley Steemer “Toby” ad, this just never gets old!

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