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Doesn’t Fit the Narrative….

Leslie Brown

Let me take a wild “stab in the dark” that Jesse, Al, and Obama will remain silent on the following above-and-beyond cop story.

You see, Jesse, Al and Obama would have little left to do if we took away their profession of “pot-stirring”, and the community organization of protests. In a season that is supposed to be full of peace and joy, these cops “walk the walk” better than many “Reverends” I can think of.

A little girl from Florida accidently called 911, or called and hung-up. The resulting follow-up conversation with police led to the revelation that the heart-broken little girl was going without a Christmas tree this year and was pretty sad about it.

The two cops later returned to the little girl’s home with a fresh tree, and decorations for the pig-tailed little cutie. The look on her face is that of pure joy. Thank you officers for not only protecting, serving and risking your lives everyday but for also going the “extra mile”.

These days, we now have the “New Media” as Andrew Breitbart* called it. The “New Media” broke the story on “horn-dog Clinton”; it’s called accountability. Now, let’s spread good stories like this because it’s exactly what the mainstream media does not want “out there”. By golly, we’ll have Jesse and Al out of a job if they can’t make “blanket statements” about racist, meanypants cops.

*Read “Righteous Indignation”…awesomeness
Story shared from Sunny Skyz
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