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Better off NOW than in 1973?

Leslie Brown

Wouldn’t one think that a half-black, half-white President of the United States would by a racial CONCILIATORY MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN?

One would think so, but that was never the plan. Racial tension is the “squirrel!” shout-out by our mainstream, lap-dog media to distract from the usurpation of liberty in our country.

Do you realize that if this country is under martial law, that Presidential elections can be suspended? This is a concern than Ben Carson has had for weeks(1).

“[B]ecause you have to recognize we have a rapidly increasing national debt, a very unstable financial foundation, and you have all of these things going on, like the ISIS crisis, that could very rapidly change things that are going on in our nation. And unless we begin to deal with these things in a comprehensive way and a logical way, there’s no telling what could happen in just a matter of a couple of years, and particularly in a situation where we have a Senate and a Senate leader who has over 300 bills sitting on his desk, [who] will not bring them to the floor for a vote.” (1)

Like I have said on this site bajillion times. Love of G-d and country are important, amount of melanin…not so much. Another point: Do we not kid around, have fun and laugh with our siblings? Of course we do! So, we are acting like siblings when we can have fun together and not be as thin-skinned as pre-pubescent girls about everything.

One time my boss and I were having a conversation about funny stereotypes blacks have about whites, and one is that whites, by and large are huge cat-owners in comparison to blacks. I think this is hilarious! However I get a kick out of the terms “Irish twins”, “Irish pennant” and my fav…”Irish handcuffs”; a drink in each hand ha ha!

Let’s “grow-up” and act FORTY ONE years younger…

Of the iconic picture featured:

In late July 1973, Joseph Crachiola was wandering the streets of Mount Clemens, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, with his camera. As a staff photographer for the Macomb Daily, he was expected to keep an eye out for good feature images — “those little slices of life that can stand on their own.”

The slice of life he caught that day was a picture of five young friends in a rain-washed alley in downtown Mount Clemens. And what distinguishes it are its subjects: three black children, two white ones, giggling in each others’ arms.

“It was just one of those evenings,” Crachiola remembers. “I saw these kids — they were just playing around. And I started shooting some pictures of them. At some point, they saw me and they all turned and looked at me and struck that pose that you see in the picture. It was totally spontaneous. I had nothing to do with the way they arranged themselves.”

Crachiola, who now lives in New Orleans, posted the vintage photo on his Facebook page.

“For me, it still stands as one of my most meaningful pictures,” he wrote in his post. “It makes me wonder… At what point do we begin to mistrust one another? When do we begin to judge one another based on gender or race? I have always wondered what happened to these children. I wonder if they are still friends.”


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