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There goes the neighborhood…

Leslie Brown

The smallest social “unit” is a family. So goes a family, so goes a community, so goes the nation.

With the implementation of the “War on Poverty”, this country actually chose to SUBSIDIZE the breakdown of the American family. Daniel Patrick Moynihan is one of the few Democrats I admire, because he had the “naughty bits” to say what others would not.

The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States.

Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good.

“Do gooders” have paved our nation straight to hell. You see, “liberals don’t think long-term, just whatever makes them feel morally superior at the moment.” Sooo, back to my point. Instead of breaking down the American family, we need to build it up and strengthen it.

Bearing in mind that division is always from Satan, and unity is always of G-d, this family is strengthening the country by adopting a child. They are building up the life of a little boy, on a foundation of love, not allowing him to wash adrift in a sea of government bureaucracy. You see, the government makes a pretty cra**y parent. You’d think after FIFTY years we would have kind of figured that out.

Deonte, the Boy Wonder, wanted his family — his whole family — to dress up as superheroes for his adoption day Saturday. You see, Superheroes are just about D’s favorite thing.

Um, no, his new mom told him. We’re not doing that. I don’t think Daddy is going to want to wear tights to the courthouse.

And that was that.

Until Tuesday afternoon.

His adoptive parents are going to raise D the way they raised their other children, Jake, Thea and Benny. To be a good citizen, to give back to the community. They already see it happening.

“There’s been a big change in six months. I’m anxious to see what six years does.”

He’s learning his new family, their routines, their oddball humor. At school he practices writing sentences.

My new mom is the best mom … and my dad is awesome …

How wonderful! 🙂

The word “hero” is tossed around a lot these days, but I think this family was made up of heroes even before the costumes.

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