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NFL Player, GOOD news!

Leslie Brown

So often in the media, we are privy to the seamier side of NFL player’s lives-drugs, domestic abuse, and reckless behavior. Well, here’s some GOOD news.

This guy should get some sort of award for just going in to a Toys R Us, which is probably about as much fun as an (Up)Chuckee Cheese or a (feet-stinkin’) roller rink ha ha!

Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson continues the tradition he started several years ago of taking needy kids to a kid’s “dream come true” of a shopping spree at Toys R Us! What wonderful memories he is instilling in the minds of some kids that may be sort of, “short-changed” in that area.

Every Christmas for the past eight years, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson hosts kids who are in the care of the Harris County Department of Family Protective Services and gives them what is literally a kid’s dream come true: a Toys-R-Us shopping spree. When I was a kid, that was literally a prize on children’s game shows (I don’t watch them anymore, but it probably still is). We love to talk about professional athletes who behave like boorish a-holes, but let’s not forget that a lot of people are like Johnson and actively and awesomely give back to their communities.

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