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Not a “meanypants” after all…

Leslie Brown

I used to teach math, and I was probably referred to as a “mean” teacher at times. I love me some newborns too. I am a notorious baby-head-sniffer, so this story struck close to home!

Jim O’Connor self-admittedly teaches math in a “dry and boring” way. That I did not do. Jim is a no-nonsense Vietnam veteran who has no qualms about not trying to be a “fun” teacher.

One of Mr. O’Connor’s students stumbled upon a side him that they were definitely not expecting. You see, for the past twenty years, three days a week, Jim holds babies at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

As you may know, holding and “loving” on babies can even turn babies who have “failure to thrive” syndrome around. Being held is an innate need they have, and at time there are just not enough nurses around to give all of the babies all of the “lovin'” they need.

The staff of the hospital give the impression that O’Conner has an uncanny ability to make even the fussiest of babies calm down. The staff needs all the help it can get because CHLA is on of the busiest children’s hospitals in the United States. Like clockwork Jim is there tending to sick babies every chance he gets. The reporter even gets tears in his eyes when he asks Jim about it.

Watch the video below to see more of Jim O’Connors amazing story. If it touches you like it touched us, make sure to share it with your friends so they can see that the good in the world that Jim O’Conner represents.(1)

FYI. The band U.2. has a song in which a line is “Freedom has a scent, like the top of a newborn baby’s head.” I’m just sayin’


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