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A New “Drug”

Leslie Brown

Teachers have a “drug”. It’s that “aha” moment when a kid “gets” or understands something. We love it! Now that I’m not teaching, I have a “new drug”…it’s coming across stories like this!

It’s a sick, twisted world we live in where division is promoted, and the ideal of peacemaking sadly as dead as M.L.K.Jr.

Division, is like, THE OLDEST TRICK THE BOOK PEOPLE! Helllloooo! I feel closer to any black who loves the Lord and follows His statutes than I do some white who doesn’t give a toss about Him. It’s not brain science!

How about we get EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE? How bout the pages of “THE rule BOOK” cause “winging it” on our own ain’t working out so well, now is it? Maybe we should allow G-d back into the schools He as been “expelled” from, and some churches, and the government too.

It’s rather ironic that while we are quick to say, “beauty is only skin deep”, then we fixate on nothing other than the color of skin. That’s retarded.

A touching photo of a white police officer hugging an African-American boy at a Portland protest this week has drawn heavy attention on social media.

The moment was captured by a photographer covering a protest in Portland, Oregon, over a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.

At the Portland rally was 12-year-old Devonte Hart, who stood crying out of sadness over the events in Ferguson. He was holding a “Free Hugs” sign.

Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum saw the boy’s sign and asked if he could have a hug. The boy gave him one.

Devonte’s mom Jen Hart was there Tuesday and remembers the moment as “one of the most emotionally charged experiences I’ve had as a mother.”

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