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Saving lives “off-duty”

Leslie Brown

Mario Viera is an Atlanta fireman. As the grand-daughter of a fireman, I can tell you, it can’t be easy to stretch one salary to feed thirteen children; but he and his wife do it anyway.

This story spoke to me since it is the day before Thanksgiving, and this family is counting their blessings. Also, yesterday at the grocery store, there were two fireman behind me in line, and one of them knew my grampa; “Dad Campbell”!

Mario and his wife of Atlanta adopted five children, had three children of their own, and have guardianship of five more. “Black, brown, white; they’re all the same.” said Mario of the children. Some of the children were found through tragic circumstances associated with his vocation.

Mario said that it’s a “day off” for him when he goes to work at the station! His wife Christy stays home with the children. Three washing machines running at all times, and meals taken in “shifts” in the three bedroom home with a basement.

“We’re not rich materially, but we have enough.”

~Mario Vieira

Open your homes tomorrow for at least one person who needs a place to go. “Walk the walk” and don’t just “talk the talk”. Follow the lead of this family who gives love, hugs, and kisses, to all equally; some who had never had it.


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