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Let them eat….poop???

Leslie Brown

Like I said in the blog I posted last night about Ferguson called, “Irony. Sweet, delicious, irony”, these rioters “poop in their own backyard”, so to speak! But now…. they done gone and vandalized a dang BAKERY!

A bakery??? Man, oh man, I love me some cake! I have been known to crash weddings of people I don’t even know for some wedding cake. If vandalizing a bakery doesn’t tell you what kind of “Einsteins” we are dealing with, I don’t know what will!

Well, the little lady who owns the bakery is not giving up, aaaaand she has had a huge outpouring of help from the community for her to help her pick up the pieces of her business….and bake ME a cake. He he!

But out of the muck can come something wonderful, and that’s what’s happening today. DuBose is determined to move forward: “I’m baking today,” Dubose told CNNMoney, as the sound of broken glass being swept up can be heard over the phone. “We have orders to go out for Thanksgiving. I can’t tell the people — I won’t tell the people — that I’m canceling.”… Despite the mess, however, Dubose says she will continue to bake. She can’t afford to give up now, having invested all she had into a business that was funded through bake sales at flea markets. “I am a single mom, a mother of two,” she said. “This is everything that I own. I can’t walk away from it. I just got to start up and start baking again.” Such an amazing spirit.(1)

Click below to go Natalie’s “Fund Me” page! Let’s help a sister! (1)


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