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Irony. Sweet, delicious, irony.

Leslie Brown

Irony is sadly lost on those who are not the “sharpest tools in the shed”. For example, Obama voters. So I’ll point it out; much like the hidden objects in the Highlights for Children magazines.

Where to start, oh where to start? Well, the split screen featured shows “O-Great-One”, a two time elected BLACK president with people p*ssing and moaning about “racial injustice” in the background, for starters.

Another irony: the looting and destruction are going to adversely affect the VERY PEOPLE conducting the demolition.

“Oh Marge, hey, run down to the QUIKEE Mart for me and pick me up a package of smokes wouldja? Oh wait! We don’t have a QUIKEE Mart, or anything else anymore.”

Or how about the man who was going to “heal the planet, and slow the rise of the oceans”, standing in front of pretty much a smoldering “Watt’s” all over again, or “Apocalypse Now”; Part Deux?

Or…. there’s the phrase, “These are the real issues”, stated by likely the biggest poseur to walk the face of the planet.

And lastly, nothing says you care about a dead kid and the community more than stealing 50 pairs of Air Jordans, and then burning the store to the ground.


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