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“Greater Works” than libs, all by age 22…

Leslie Brown

You know, you just can’t fix STUPID! Fortunately, like the dinosaurs, the “stupid” leaders are finally going extinct. I mean seriously, have you heard of any “young” liberal groups that are not pillaging, pooping on police cars, and/or wearing masks?

Ted Morris is a freshly “minted” Ph.D., and he has that oh-so-rare attribute largely lacking in academia; ummmm, LOGIC!  He will be opening a charter school in Rochester, New York, in 2015.

Instead of funneling all of the students towards college, the school will also encourage the military or other career choices. F.Y.I. our “trade” industries are really lacking trained workers which is why former Texas gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken brought attention to that matter.

The school will be largely computer based which will free the teachers up for one-on-one tutorials where needed. Hmm, no time wasted literally writing HOURS worth of lesson plans, like 34, or so a week…. I’m just sayin’.

For some reason, libs are not too “keen” on charter schools. One can “choose” whether to grant life to a kid that would potentially attend the school, but not allow said kid, or parent a choice in selecting the school. Got it?

“I remember being in school and feeling I was a bit more advanced and (not having enough options),” he said. “I wanted to grow up and open a school that’s predicated on each student’s needs and interests. … I did it sooner than I expected.”

It will be called Greater Works Charter School, accepting about 100 ninth-graders in its first year and eventually expanding to about 400 students in grades 9-12.

To read about this amazing young man, click below:




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