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THIS is what men of character look like.

Leslie Brown

The news is full of horrifying and disturbing stories of babies found in the trash, and children found suffering neglect and/or heinous abuse. With UA, I am constantly on the hunt for “good news” stories, and an occasional “red-headed rant”.

The two men pictured above, have hearts that are so lacking in this world rife with the “Me Generation”.

Valley Springs Assisted Living Center in California shut down last fall. When the paychecks stopped, everyone left except these two.

Cook Maurice Rowland, and janitor Miguel Alvarez couldn’t quit and leave the residents to “fend for themselves”. Pretty much, these elderly residents; some even with dementia were simply abandoned.

The two continued to do what they could providing round the clock care and dispensing medications for the residents, surviving on minimal sleep and still trying to have some semblance of a home life.

“My parents, when they were younger, they left me abandoned,” he (Alvarez) says. “Knowing how they are going to feel, I didn’t want them to go through that.”

Alvarez and Rowland spent several days caring for the elderly residents of Valley Springs Manor until the fire department and sheriff took over.

The incident led to legislation in California known as the Residential Care for the Elderly Reform Act of 2014.

“If I would’ve left, I think that would have been on my conscience for a very long time,” says Rowland.

What amazing men! The “conscience” is that G-d given voice that lets a person distinguish the difference between “right and wrong”. If the conscience is ignored habitually and for too long, a sociopath is born.


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