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Mourning, but not alone.

Leslie Brown

There are a lot of stories in the media about “heavy handed” and abusive cops. But there are some good stories out there, and even more good cops.

A police officer never knows what the day will bring, and a heart-breaking day happened recently in Le Blanc, Queens. The lifeless bodies of six and eleven year old, Andrew and John were pulled from the remains of a house fire as Patrick Blanc sadly witnessed.

“I just felt a huge void, emptiness.” said Patrick Blanc, a NYPD detective. Blanc was off-duty but in the area when he heard about the fire on his radio. Racing to the scene, he found the house engulfed in flames. The boys bodies were found in a stairwell; they had been left home alone while their mother worked.

The next day, Patrick and his girlfriend went by the scene and spoke to the mother, overwhelmed by grief and the cost and logistics of a funeral for the boys. Blanc was given the “go-ahead” by the police department to reach out to the community and solicit funds for the family.

The grieving mother needed her mother so Patrick and his girlfriend found discounted airline tickets online and Patrick flew to Port au Prince and picked up the elderly woman so that she could comfort her daughter through the dark days to follow.

Wow. It is so sad that she lost her two children but we’re grateful for human beings like Detective Patrick Blanc for stepping up and going above and beyond the call of duty to help a stranger out. If we had more cops like Patrick Blanc, we wouldn’t have all the animosity towards police that is so prevalent in minority communities. Kudos to Det. Patrick Blanc and our thoughts and prayers go out to Policard and her family at this time.(1)





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