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No pity, only glamour

Leslie Brown

Dating and relationships are tough at times between able-bodied people. Throw in an ever-present wheelchair, and things can become even tougher.

Danielle Sheypuk “took off” when she received her first motorized wheel as a child, and she hasn’t stopped. She was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when she was two, and has now taken that chair all the way to the runway as a model.

From personal experience, and as a clinical psychologist, Danielle is keenly aware of the awkwardness, and isolation that can occur with the handicapped in their pursuit of relationships.

Her mission is to make handicapped people realize that fear of rejection is commonplace with all relationships and to give others the confidence to live their dreams, and have more self-confidence to be their “best dateable self”.

When a person “looks good” they feel better, and better about themselves.  Danielle is taking New York by storm by winning Ms. Wheelchair New York 2012, and imbuing the pursuit of glamour and boldness to others, in both Manhattan, and wherever she goes; she is unstoppable.

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