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Touched by a burger?

Leslie Brown

Sooooo, as we rush headlong into the holidays, let’s stop and take a “look-see”. I’ll be honest, I love what the holidays mean, but I really abhor the frenetic pace that comes with them.

I love getting with family; always. I love giving someone a gift that I know they will be really excited to receive, and I love what the true message of Christmas means.

The huge irony about Christmas is that the Son of G-d came to us in the ultimate humility; born in a stable; not even a place fit for people, but for animals. And what do we do to recognize this? We lavish each other with extravagant gifts.

As we wallow through the time of year which has morphed into that period of time which begins even before Halloween, try to remember all that matters is the perfect sacrificial gift. Try to remember to give of yourself for other’s joy, not your own.

Try to remember that the “do unto others” command is to be used 365 days a year, not just on the ONE day, now “sanitized” by the P.C. police to a mere “Happy Holidays”. Not limited to the ONE day where we try to be a little nicer, and smile brightly for the camera, because there are 364 other days in the year and the only Gift that really matters is still giving on those days too.

Enjoy the video below to watch people get excited about a blanket, a burger and Frosted Flakes!


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