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Lifeboat for Noah

Leslie Brown

It shouldn’t come as a shock, but suicide is on the rise. Suicide now exceeds the number of automobile deaths; more than 100 per day(1).

Being a teenager is hard enough; throw in a bombardment of social media, and some cruel taunts, and you may have a recipe for disaster.

Noah Brocklebank made a cry for help announcing a proposed date to commit suicide. A hospitalization (yes, this is a medical issue) and a wonderful idea of his mother’s brought hope and relief to this young man.

Noah’s mother requested on social media that letters and notes be written to her son, giving him different perspectives and to let him know that things wouldn’t always be as they appeared at the moment. My mom always says, “It won’t be like this forever”, and she is always right.

A staggering amount of cards, notes and letter were sent to Noah by caring strangers; more than he can read in any predictable amount of time. One child turned around.

Why do we give people a “pass” for Type 2 diabetes, largely preventable, but look at depression as a character flaw? Are you building up or tearing down? Words can hurt and words can heal; love and peace are always of G-d, hate and division of Satan. So who’s calling the shots in your life? Are you a divisive “Jesse” or “Al” or a Martin Luther King Jr.?

Click the link below to watch the video; embedding disabled.



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